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Automate Your E-Business Suite Customizations

The best of both worlds: EBS customizations AND automation!


Oracle E-Business Suite is a robust and proven application for managing many aspects of your business. However, you must customize EBS to serve your needs. Deploying these customizations (e.g. PL/SQL, Reports, AOls) requires manual activities, which are resource-intensive and ineffective.

Automate your E-Business Suite Customizations

With FlexDeploy, you can automate the deployment and release processes of EBS. The result is elimination of manual steps and scripting, decreased cost and risk, improved quality and speed of delivery, and increased visibility into and control over the change process.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Automate the deployment of EBS customizations across environments
  • Automate the operational processes such as starting/stopping servers
  • Make post-clone refresh more effective
  • Streamline your data fix processes
  • Control and govern your release process and gain object level visibility across environments

Watch the webinar to learn how to get the most out of Oracle E-Business Suite!

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Meet the presenter: 

Dan Goerdt Flexagon President

Dan Goerdt

President of Flexagon

Dan has been in technology leadership roles for the past 20 years. He has covered operation systems and middleware product development, technology architecture, and software solution delivery focused on Oracle, IBM, and Open Source technologies. His experience with software automation led him to form and develop Flexagon's DevOps platform: FlexDeploy. Dan is currently the President of Flexagon and leads Strategy, Marketing, and Sales for various products and services.