DevOps & Release Automation for Oracle APEX

FlexDeploy's APEX Plugin 

Oracle APEX is great for increasing productivity, but the manual deployment and release processes required can slow you down. The FlexDeploy DevOps software helps increase your speed and efficiency by:

Adopting CI to trigger the build and deploy process 

Automating deployment of ORDS, SODA, and other artifacts 

Selectively importing either the entire application or individual pages 

Automatically exporting APEX application and optionally committing to Git, SVN, and other SCM

Managing supporting database objects (tables, packages, etc.) using FlexDeploy JDBC or Oracle Database plugin 

Increasing visibility by using SCM tools to view changes over time to individual pages or components 

FlexDeploy's APEX Plugin can help you automate your APEX processes to further increase your productivity and efficiency. 

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