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Companies Share Their Success with DevOps

Real companies share real results.


Mulesoft & Salesforce Webinar

The objective of DevOps is to improve collaboration and utilize automation to increase deployment frequency. With DevOps, many companies have experienced improved quality and frequency of deployments, reduced errors, and increased productivity.

During this webinar, several companies will share the results they achieved with FlexDeploy, including:

  • Cut off-hours support
  • Reduced deployment time
  • ROI within months

Three companies share all the numbers and details! They will also share their goals for the future.

Webinar attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A sessions with the companies. Join us for this opportunity to get the inside scoop about implementing and using this DevOps platform!

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Meet the presenters:

HNI Headshot - Maxx Williams

Maxx Williams

Senior Architect at HNI

Maxx Williams is on a mission to automate himself out of his current role.  A software developer by trade, he has been building software solutions for manufacturing, quality, customer-facing, and corporate services for 10 years.  Currently, Maxx manages a software development team and is driving organizational adoption of DevOps and CI/CD for a Fortune 1000 office furniture and fireplace manufacturer.


Starkey headshot - Robert Elliott

Robert Elliott

Principal E-Business Suite Developer at Starkey Hearing Technologies

Robert Elliott is a principal/lead-level Oracle Applications Developer and technical analyst with 18 years of industry experience.  He has worked as an Oracle developer for more than a dozen organizations in many business sectors.

Charter headshot - logo

Jared Noble

Director of Infrastructure and Operations at Charter Manufacturing

Charter headshot - logo

Scott Volz

Release Leader, IT Quality COE at Charter Manufacturing