FlexDeploy Case Study:
Speed at Scale

How a Fortune 50 Company Shortened Their Release Cycle by 3X

To meet crucial speed requirements and shift to an agile development process, a Fortune 50 High Tech company used FlexDeploy to replace multiple inefficient tools.

Process and Tool Challenges:

➢ High reliance on scripting and manual steps, even when leveraging tools like HP PPM/Kintana and Stat.

➢ Lack of support for the increased speed demands in agile software delivery processes.

➢ Frequent errors that extended timelines and took staff focus away from software development.

 Outcomes with FlexDeploy:

➢ Shortened their release cycle by 3X, from quarterly to monthly.

➢ Reduced outage windows during deployments by 4X, from six hours to ninety minutes.

➢ Implemented unmanned deployments in eight non-production and performance environments.


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