FlexDeploy Case Study:
Shire Pharmaceuticals

Learn How Shire Reduced Errors and Increased Deployment Speed by 8x

Shire is the leading global biotechnology company focused on serving people with rare diseases. They were looking for an enterprise platform that had workflow capability, including release management and controls such as approvals and scheduling, and could automate the deployment of their artifacts across environments. 

Challenges Shire Pharmaceuticals Faced:shire preview

➢  Time Loss: Manually executing steps to building, testing, and maintaining scripts.

Deployment Problems: Inconsistent and ineffective delivery of WebLogic and SOA related artifacts.

Audit Complexity: Managing change processes with forms, spreadsheets, and inefficient  communication.


 Outcomes with FlexDeploy:

➢ ROI in 4 months

➢ 95% success ratio over 400 projects and 35 environments

➢ 8x increase in deployment speed

➢ 5x reduction in the number of errors and outages


Download the case study to learn how FlexDeploy helped Shire automate their development processes to deliver higher quality software faster. 

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