FlexDeploy Case Study:
Charter Manufacturing

How Charter Manufacturing Reduced Costs by 30% with FlexDeploy

Charter Manufacturing is a steel and iron production company that relies on technology to improve internal operations and support customer applications. Charter Manufacturing required a DevOps and Release Automation platform to address their struggle with error-prone and inconsistent deployment processes. 

Charter Manufacturing Case Study

Challenges Charter Manufacturing faced:

➢ Error prone, inconsistent, and slow middleware provisioning led to speed and quality issues across environments.

➢ Manual and scripted build/deploy process were costly and led to outages impacting internal and external customers.

➢ Lack of visibility to changes, product versions, etc. across environments.

 Outcomes with FlexDeploy:

➢ Reduced average deployment time by 60%.

➢ Eliminated 25% of errors, reducing overall production outages and post go-live support.

➢ Cut costs by 30% by removing the need to rely on outsourced and internal after-hours support.


“FlexDeploy has provided us with a huge leap forward in terms
of code management, environment management, and operational
infrastructure automation."

- Matt Gerkhardt, Charter Manufacturing’s Middleware Engineer


Download the Whitepaper to learn why Charter Manufacturing chose FlexDeploy over Jenkins, CloudBees, Redgate, and Go Continuous Delivery. 


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