Advanced Pipeline and Release Automation

Advanced Pipeline and Release Automation with FlexDeploy

Extend FlexDeploy's core capability of building and deploying individual projects and applications, to organize changes into releases and orchestrating a streamlined software delivery process using pipelines. 

FlexDeploy solves the pain points that many teams experience with software delivery: 

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➢ Slow software delivery lifecycle - Manual and error-prone development and deployment processes causing lost production time, low customer satisfaction, and outages.

Tool Sprawl - Deployment processes including multiple tools for different parts of the lifecycle lead to inefficient delivery. 

➢  Poor Visibility - Lack of visibility creates delays in deployments and errors. 

➢  Team Dissatisfaction - Automation can free up time for your staff to focus on more valuable and enjoyable work. 


“I was blown away, not by the sales pitch, but by the observable results."
- Rob Elliott, Senior E-Business Suite Developer, Starkey


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